Data Dailies
Hello world.... This is the first post of an experiment in making daily-ish data science dailies (in the film sense). What exactly does that mean in the context of code tutorials?!?

This site is meant to chronicle and document my process of doing learning to do data science in Julia (as a mildly knowledgeable person in DS but a Julia novice). In the dailies sense it will (intentionally) be somewhat raw, unedited, and intended to document process as much as it is meant to prescribe solutions. Practically, these will mostly be bite-sized Julia tutorials meant to cover a single data science task (i.e. load a CSV in Julia). And hopefully this compendium will eventually serve as something of a field guide.

Lastly, each will be made small enough such that I can hopefully regularly create one each day and that a reader can go through in no more than 30 minutes.[1]
[1] And who knows, if people are into this maybe I'll even dust off that old Twitch channel....

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